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"Creative, transformative memory is central to the poetry of John Mackie .... gorgeously hypnotic, meditative verse — at once intellectual and intimate — " Lisa Fraser

John Mackie's most recent CD - Poems of landscape, love, sex and death, set in a swathe of musical textures by Gavin Sutherland, Drew Jarvie, Al Thomson, Miguel Padilla, Kris Orskov and Duncan Wood and featuring the warm clear voice of Anna Lavigne

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Birnam CD

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Special thanks to Anna Tessier-Lavigne and Michael Moar for that 2009 SOUND/Wordfringe performance.
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A snippet of the New Words Festival 2010 performance with Neil Hankin
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Mary Margaret Martin Mackie
born June 3rd 1911
died June 26th 2012
aged 101

Readings of two poems from "Love Poems For Nina Gavalen"

Recorded Work — Songs and poems on record
Halflight — A poem about Jen Paterson's breathtaking aerial dance
A_Pilgrimage — For Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins. As presented by Tilda on 9th August 2009
The Son Of Life
— An alternative MACBETH, commissioned by the National Theatre of Scotland
MySpace Music Page —Including Infinite Equation poetry and music tracks and videos of poems
Poise After Rain — A moment at The Lossie Folk Festival 2009
What The Papers Say About John — Selected media coverage

Piece of Mind back on vinyl!
Originally released in 1968/9 on vinyl, re-released in CD format in 2005, this album, with John's lyrics, is back on vinyl - this time as limited edition collectors' item.
A certain amount of hyperbole has developed. For example K.J. Gustin wrote, 'Piece Of Mind' is a work of "an exotic psychedelic free-jazz-meets-rock, East-meets-West, progressive and smoky moment in late Twentieth Century music history" !
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John Mackie poet in 1969
John in 1969

The right of John Mackie to be identified as the author of the works mentioned and quoted from herein has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act, 1988. His moral right has also been asserted .

John's multimedia installation Resonant Waving commissioned by The Forest culture centre was shown at the Totalkunst Gallery, Edinburgh, as part of the Annuale Festival 2010
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In Memoriam Jacqui Allen
A selection of poems written in the wake of the death of John's partner of 15 years, Jacqui Allen, from cancer, on June 3rd 2006. Now includes 2 memorial poems written in 2008 and 2009:
The Peach Tree
The Harbour Garden

Poems for Janet
The History of Ice
Jay's Bench

About Jay Wilson, Banff Castle

John Mackie Poet, Piece of Mind