Poise After Rain (for Mandy)

It wasn't that much of a morning
(overnight rain had dampened our spirits) alas
a desultory slatey Lossiemouth dawn, yawning
conversation drifting by on the sodden grass -
"good morning, was your tent dry?" automatically asked.

Then, all at once, the sullen sky cracked
a sharp shaft of sunshine striking her back
she waited for one moment, then, stepping ahead
with all the poise the morning had lacked
began to weave a web of grace
raising her poi's above her head
ringing out the notes of her face
with flying fringed weights
twisting and twirling, a dance of eights,
stirring the air
to brush her skin
careful confident watchful. Within
the spontaneous swirl of her marvelous measure
she brought back the pleasure
of being there.

© John Mackie, Lossiemouth Folk Festival, 2009