John Mackie poet
John in Paris April 2007 -photo Jay Wilson of Banff

Read by John Mackie, with guitar accompaniment by Mehmet Tevfik Çimen



The History of Ice



Les Halles at midnight (and a bit)

And on the Boulevard de Montparnasse

In the afternoon

Shucked oysters brimming

On a mound of crushed ice

Waiting, warming, enticed, soon

Open to the rimming

Heat of your lips

To draw them slowly in

Your tongue assisting

With the softest of strokes

As a taste of the water that grew them slips

From a smiling slit.


Beneath those left on the mound

The history of ice

Pivots on the moment

Liquid thickening

The rim of the dish.


I watch your pleasure

Hoping for history

To reiterate differently

In the passion of our fleeting room:

I already have the taste

Of the heat of ice

Fulfilled by your fire

As I draw it slowly in

My tongue assisting

With the urgency of thirst

At the open petals of a rose.

© John Mackie April 2007, Paris


Jay Wilson of Banff
Jay Wilson in Paris April 2007-photo John Mackie

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